Happy 13th Birthday, Talon!

Talon’s 13th Birthday

Talon’s 13th birthday was wonderful. It started with a fun party at the lake with friends on the water. He came home to a huge “Happy 13th Birthday, Talon” sign in the front yard. Then Aaron, Leslie and Talon went to the “Escape Room” adventure and dinner with Papa and Nana at “Uncle Julio’s Restaurant”. The week before, he enjoyed Main Event bowling, laser tag and arcade games.

Happy Birthday, Talon! We’ve enjoyed you since the day you were born.

Easter 2022 and Beckett’s 8th Birthday

We had an “eggcellent” early Easter at our house on Saturday, April 17, 2022. Easter lunch was yummy with Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole and Carrots. The egg hunt was crazy and we added a scavenger hunt for maximum madness. It was fun! Kids attending were Talon, Beckett, Mercer, Oliver and Ellie (Jared’s daughter) Hope you enjoy our family craziness.

Christmas 2021

For us, Christmas 2021 was Sunday night, January 2nd, at my son’s house.  Just like Thanksgiving 2021, too many people were not feeling well on the normal day for the event.  However, we did have a blast on January 2nd.  Besides the usual presents and good food, I bought 20 Nerf Guns.  One for every person that was at the party.  I also bought flashing Christmas light necklaces and head bands for everyone.  Of course, we had a big gun fight at the OK Corral.  Unlike Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, there were no injuries or damaged property when the smoke cleared. 
The most fun I had was watching Beckett fly his toy drone in the house.  I was surprised how fast he learned how to use the controls.  However, at one point he brought the drone down to his chest level and stood next to it.  When he touched the control again, the drone moved toward him as if it was going to chase him.  He looked concerned and started backing up.  Now, that was funny.
Diane and I also got the little Grandkids new bikes for Christmas.  We gave the bikes to them the Wednesday before Christmas due to the weather.  January 2nd, the day we had the party, was going to be too cold to be outside.  The video of the kids receiving their bikes is on a separate video.  It appears we will not be returning any bikes.  The kids were very happy with their particular bike.  To quote Mercer, 5 years old, We all got new bikes.  Mine has a place for my baby doll, Oliver’s lights up, and Beckett has a kick stand.  They all have something cool.”  Let that be a lesson.  It is the little things in life that make the day.  “He got a kick stand.”  

Thanksgiving 2021

Wednesday, November 24th, we were at Leslie’s house for Thanksgiving. Thursday, November 25th, we went to Gene’s house for another Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, Leslie and Aaron hosted both the Stephens and Wilkersons. Aaron’s sister traveled from California and his parents from Florida. Thursday, Gene and Jessica hosted Thanksgiving for her family. Diane and I also attended. Jessica, Gene’s wife, has a large family. It is always fun when they all get together. There were lots of kids. I took 186 pictures from both days. Most were deleted, but it gives me a large group to select from for a 2021 Thanksgiving slideshow.

First Trip in the New Van

Diane and I took our “first” trip in the new van. We took some short trips close to home to get used to it before heading out, but this was the first multi-state adventure. We headed north to Lindsborg, KS, also known as Little Sweden. The pictures don’t do it justice. It was colorful and the people were friendly and inviting.

Then we headed west to Hasting, NE. I lived there when I was four years old. We went looking for the famous fountain in Hastings. I remembered more than I thought I would, but I couldn’t find my school, Lincoln Elementary. Then we ran into a lady who had lived there all her life. She told us it had been turned into a police station.

Next, we headed east to Des Moines/Altoona, IA. The drive there was white-knuckled, with winds of 50 MPH and rain. We made it to Altoona, but we were exhausted. After a good night’s sleep, we headed further east to Moline to visit with my Aunt and cousins. We took short trips to Cambridge and Carbon Cliff to visit where my grandparents lived and were buried. The last time I had been there was when I took my father.

Then it was time to head home. We made a short detour to visit Little Amana Colonies in Iowa, stayed the night near Kansas City and made it home before dark. It was a great trip. Diane is busy planning our next little adventure – – but not too soon.