Christmas 2021

For us, Christmas 2021 was Sunday night, January 2nd, at my son’s house.  Just like Thanksgiving 2021, too many people were not feeling well on the normal day for the event.  However, we did have a blast on January 2nd.  Besides the usual presents and good food, I bought 20 Nerf Guns.  One for every person that was at the party.  I also bought flashing Christmas light necklaces and head bands for everyone.  Of course, we had a big gun fight at the OK Corral.  Unlike Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, there were no injuries or damaged property when the smoke cleared. 
The most fun I had was watching Beckett fly his toy drone in the house.  I was surprised how fast he learned how to use the controls.  However, at one point he brought the drone down to his chest level and stood next to it.  When he touched the control again, the drone moved toward him as if it was going to chase him.  He looked concerned and started backing up.  Now, that was funny.
Diane and I also got the little Grandkids new bikes for Christmas.  We gave the bikes to them the Wednesday before Christmas due to the weather.  January 2nd, the day we had the party, was going to be too cold to be outside.  The video of the kids receiving their bikes is on a separate video.  It appears we will not be returning any bikes.  The kids were very happy with their particular bike.  To quote Mercer, 5 years old, We all got new bikes.  Mine has a place for my baby doll, Oliver’s lights up, and Beckett has a kick stand.  They all have something cool.”  Let that be a lesson.  It is the little things in life that make the day.  “He got a kick stand.”  

Christmas 2020

We spent Christmas Eve at Gene’s and Jessica’s new home. Lots of fun, laughter, love and family. This is the first time they have hosted our family in this house and it was perfect. Good job, kids!

By the way, Gene designed and built this house himself. He was the general contractor. It was completed just in time for Christmas 2020. If I ever decide to leave Ski Island, I will have him build me a new house just like this one.

Christmas 2010

Can you believe it has come and gone again?  Christmas 2010 is over.  Everyone had a good time.  Well… Leslie struggled.  She had a double ear infection and was really not feeling well at all.  But, she was a trooper.  To look at her you would never know.  However, we did try to end things early so she could get home for some needed rest.

More Christmas pictures can be found HERE

Gene’s Trip to Europe

December 9, 2010 – Gene was in Paris for 4 weeks on business.  After the 4 weeks, Jessica flew over to spend another 2 weeks with him on vacation.  They will also travel to Venice, Florence, Rome, Amsterdam and London.  These are the pictures Gene and Jessica have sent back to us so far.  They can be found HERE.  The best news is, they be home for Christmas.