Christmas 2020

We spent Christmas Eve at Gene’s and Jessica’s new home. Lots of fun, laughter, love and family. This is the first time they have hosted our family in this house and it was perfect. Good job, kids!

By the way, Gene designed and built this house himself. He was the general contractor. It was completed just in time for Christmas 2020. If I ever decide to leave Ski Island, I will have him build me a new house just like this one.

Christmas 2010

Can you believe it has come and gone again?  Christmas 2010 is over.  Everyone had a good time.  Well… Leslie struggled.  She had a double ear infection and was really not feeling well at all.  But, she was a trooper.  To look at her you would never know.  However, we did try to end things early so she could get home for some needed rest.

More Christmas pictures can be found HERE

Gene’s Trip to Europe

December 9, 2010 – Gene was in Paris for 4 weeks on business.  After the 4 weeks, Jessica flew over to spend another 2 weeks with him on vacation.  They will also travel to Venice, Florence, Rome, Amsterdam and London.  These are the pictures Gene and Jessica have sent back to us so far.  They can be found HERE.  The best news is, they be home for Christmas.

2008 Stephens Christmas Menu

We decided to have an unusual selection of finger food this year.  The menu is as follows:

The Christmas Menu
Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shrimp Cocktail
Holiday Meatballs
Mini Ham Sandwiches on Croissants
Smoked Brisket
Vegetable Relish Tray
Queso and Chips
Egg Rolls
Beef Taquitos


Chocolate Fondue
Grandma’s Sugar Cookies, Pecan Sandies,
Cream Cheese Cutout Cookies
Flo’s Pralines, Fudge, Peanut Brittle, Fannie May Candy
Spiced Pecans & Walnuts, Butter Toffee

Poinsettia Cocktails, Godiva & Bailey’s
Hot Apple Cider

2008 Christmas Eve Announcements

We had two big announcements from both of our kids today:

Gene is buying his third house.  Or, at least his offer has been accepted.  If the closing goes through, he will move into the house he is buying and he will rent the other two.  His home will be about 2 miles straight North of our house.  And, about 2 miles East of Leslie’s new house.

See the Christmas Card Diane is reading above?  Leslie wrote in the  card that Diane is going to be a grandmother.  I snapped the picture at just the right moment.  Leslie is about 7 weeks along.  She will get a better due date on her next doctor’s appointment.  Very happy news in the Stephens household.