Happy 13th Birthday, Talon!

Talon’s 13th Birthday

Talon’s 13th birthday was wonderful. It started with a fun party at the lake with friends on the water. He came home to a huge “Happy 13th Birthday, Talon” sign in the front yard. Then Aaron, Leslie and Talon went to the “Escape Room” adventure and dinner with Papa and Nana at “Uncle Julio’s Restaurant”. The week before, he enjoyed Main Event bowling, laser tag and arcade games.

Happy Birthday, Talon! We’ve enjoyed you since the day you were born.

Easter 2019

We celebrated Easter on Saturday, April 20th. The kids were excited and so were the adults. Talon had three basketball games before the party. Leslie brought eggs filled with Slime and a few unicorns for Mercer. Of course there was plenty of candy and other healthy choices. This was Oliver’s first Easter and he watched everything with interest. The Easter Bunny brought him yummy baby food and teething biscuits. Gene is in Virginia for two weeks, so he missed the excitement.

T-Ball Talon

September 9, 2013 – Today was the first day I got to see Talon play T-Ball.  For being only four years old, he did a great job.  He played second base the entire game.

( Four years old and only played two innings.)  Best of all, his first time at bat he hit it out of the infield and the second time he hit it about 5 feet directly in front of home plate.  He made it on base both times.  We had a big McDonald’s celebration after the game.