Thanksgiving 2021

Wednesday, November 24th, we were at Leslie’s house for Thanksgiving. Thursday, November 25th, we went to Gene’s house for another Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, Leslie and Aaron hosted both the Stephens and Wilkersons. Aaron’s sister traveled from California and his parents from Florida. Thursday, Gene and Jessica hosted Thanksgiving for her family. Diane and I also attended. Jessica, Gene’s wife, has a large family. It is always fun when they all get together. There were lots of kids. I took 186 pictures from both days. Most were deleted, but it gives me a large group to select from for a 2021 Thanksgiving slideshow.

Thanksgiving 2013

We had another great Thanksgiving at Leslie and Aaron’s house this year.  Originally, Leslie wanted to have  costume Thanksgiving.  I was not too keen on the idea (Party Pooper ) but changed my mind.  I knew the costume idea had been cancelled, but I bought a costume and went as Frontier Man anyway.  Leslie said we are doing a full costume party next year.

I think Talon had the best time because he had a friend to play with this year.  He also had fun playing with my coon skin cap that came with the costume.

More pictures can be found HERE.

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was a little different this year.  My son, Gene, was in Paris for 6 weeks, my sister and her husband went to Arkansas to visit his brother, and we didn’t think my sisters kids would drive up from Dallas if she was not in town.  So, Aaron and Leslie decided to have Thanksgiving at their house.

Even though it was a break in tradition, I have to admit, it was kind of fun to be a guest for a change.

You can see other pictures here:  Pictures Thanksgiving 2010

Memo concerning Thanksgiving 2009

Hello Everyone:

This year Thanksgiving will again be held at our house on Sunday so that Gene will be able to attend the festivities.   So mark your calendar for Sunday, November 22 at 12:00 noon.

As discussed last year, this seems to work out for everyone by giving everyone a chance to have Thanksgiving with the other side of their families without creating a conflict in dates.

Also as discussed last year, I gave Jeannie the above date and time so she can distribute the information to her side of the family.  It is difficult to keep up with everyone’s e-mail address in Texas due to all of the changes every year.  However, that is part of the reason for this website.  No matter how many times one moves or changes their e-mail address, you can always find me, even when I cannot find you.

We hope to see everyone on the 22nd.